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About CJD Innovations

CJD Innovations is a limited liability company created to design and develop innovative products for a wide range of consumer needs.  CJD Innovation’s flagship product, the Wet Wipe Wizard, is a US patented device which automatically dispenses wet wipes, and was developed over the course of three years.


CJD Innovations was founded by Christopher Danis who had the idea for the Wet Wipe Wizard over ten years ago when his first grandchild needed assistance with potty training and wet wipes were nowhere to be found.  Following this search through various drawers and cabinets, a vision to pair dry toilet paper and flushable wet wipes became clear.


While he has always had an interest in business, Christopher’s background is actually medical, practicing plastic and reconstructive surgery for over 33 years.  Throughout this entrepreneurial journey, Christopher has had the opportunity to work with a broad team of talented people.  Qualified patent attorneys and design engineers have helped make the concept of the Wet Wipe Wizard a reality.  In need of proven business development skills, Mary Beth Brust was asked to contribute, and has been the operational linchpin for this venture.

CJD Innovations 
Innovating a Better Tomorrow.

CJD Innovations LLC is launching an crowdfunding campaign on February 22, 2022. The goal is to raise funds to further enhance and launch the Wet Wipe Wizard into the market.

Call us! 937-619-9510

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Wet Wipe Wizard

Clean Within Reach

Wet Wipe Wizard is a patented, battery-powered, wet wipe dispenser invented in Dayton, OH.  The device has been under development since 2018 and is planning for initial launch into the market with the necessary support.

Wet Wipe Wizard was created with one goal in mind: to make clean accessible.  The Wet Wipe Wizard is uniquely designed to eliminate both the frustration and waste that accompanies current wet wipe packaging.  Wet Wipe Wizard can be utilized in multiple settings: bathroom, infant changing table, and general use dispenser for the household.  Whatever the need, the Wet Wipe Wizard can put clean within reach.

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The following companies have added to the success of CJD Innovations:

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Dayton, Ohio

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