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Christopher Danis, MD, MBA

Inventor of Wet Wipe Wizard & Patent Holder for the Device. 

Christopher’s background includes a MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. Past related experiences include establishing a hand surgery group beginning a sole provider to expanding to a seven-member group and founding an outpatient surgical center in conjunction with a large hospital system in southwest Ohio. 

Some of his primary roles include: 

  • Interacting with the IP attorney in the next phase of patent protection for the device 

  • Coordinate with the design engineering firms 

  • Determine the financial needs to bring the device market 

  • Promote a small but strong base of consultants to do Operations, Sales, and Marketing

Mary Beth Brust, MHA

Operations Executive for Wet Wipe Wizard

Mary Beth has a Master's from Xavier University. Her experience includes 25+ years of operations leadership and a new business startup, particularly in healthcare. Mary Beth worked for several national management companies before starting her own consulting company in 2017 and joining the Wet Wipe Wizard in 2020.

Some of his primary roles include: 

  • Oversee the start up of Wet Wipe Wizard operations

  • Manage start up and ongoing operations to the business plan

  • Collaborate with external partners of Wet Wipe Wizard

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